US East Coast BESS

Shoreham BESS

Shoreham is a currently dismantled nuclear plant, located on Long Island near the town of the same name, in New York; the Project seeks to take advantage of the vicinity of this nuclear plant without making many changes in its structure in order to implement a BESS. The Project would have an approximate capacity of 175 MW for 12 hours in an available area of 8 acres exclusively dedicated to batteries and their equipment (inverters, transformers, switchgear, pumping area, measurement and control), in total, there are 7 groups of containers installed, 25MW each group as observed in the images. On the other hand, the area destined for the containers and, as previously mentioned, the structure for the tanks includes all the necessary measures to avoid spills and other possible environmental issues.

Tiana Substation

This Project was presented to PSEGLI for the implementation of several small BESS in some of the substations and areas around its electrical system. The Tiana substation is located in Hampton bay and long island in which a 10MW/12 hours system was implemented, similar to previous cases but in smaller scale since they are destined to be located in the vicinity of the substations. These projects have some innovative engineering solutions to be able to take advantage of the spaces of the substations.

Southold substation

This is a twin project to the Tiana substation, a BESS is implemented in a substation in this case Southold substation located in the town of the same name in long island, this Project aims to store 5MW for 12 hours. Each container store 1MW, in total 5 containers are dedicated.



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